Here's what i see for wp 3.4…

so here’s what i see for wp 3.4:

  • previous_image_link()/next_image_link() (or equivalent) – don’t know what this is exactly
  • should we add background and header image support ?
  • modify wp_title via filter *karin did this on our fork, so the code is out there
  • body_class()/post_class(): – i thought i had patched this at google code. maybe we just go ahead add the classes instead of needing an add_theme_support() for legacy? though i like the idea of completely deprecating the thematic versions of those functions
  • remove/deprecate constants
  • enqueue the comment-reply script at the comment_form_before hook
  • updated translations
  • gene’s markup function

oh i also see that

$locale_file = THEMELIB . "/languages/$locale.php";
if ( is_readable($locale_file) )
require_once ($locale_file);

can probably be removed.. in addition, we can probably remove


  • Legacy options global variables likely not needed anymore‚Ķ
  • Can these be removed safely?

$themename = "Thematic";
$shortname = "thm";

anything else? not sure we’d want to tackle more than that.

btw- in case i can get to it (unlikely though, paid job and father’s day will keep me busy this week) what is the proper way to let users know a function is deprecated?