Thematic 1.0.1 and what comes next….

The new 1.0.1 release is out. I expect we’ll see a maintenance release shortly. As always issue reports, enhancements, and patches are welcome on the Thematic Google Code site.

We’ll now begin to transition support from Themeshaper to ThematicTheme. It’s much appreciated if all involved could direct all new support requests for Thematic to the new forums. If new support requests look like they’re turning into issue reports, please mention the Google Code site and if you have time please report the issue with a link back to the forum topic. We are going to be closing down threads on the old forums starting with the oldest first. Hopefully this will help to prevent forked support in the future. Threads that were active within 90 days before the release will remain so until resolved , or until they become inactive for more than 90 days.

Here are a few sites that you might prove to be helpful:

All of this is open for discussion in the comments.